• Goethe Business Hotel
  • Goethe Hotel Frankfurt
  • Hotel Höchster Hof
  • Hotel Everest
  • Goethe Apartment Frankfurt
  • Hotel Mini Everest
  • Skyline Hotel
  • Hotel Albergo Berlin

Goethe Business Hotel

Schmidtstr. 53, 60326 Frankfurt

Goethe Hotel Frankfurt

Schmidtstr. 53, 60326 Frankfurt

Hotel Höchster Hof

Tagungshotel Höchster Hof Mainberg 3-11 65929

Hotel Everest

Schönstraße 6 60327 Frankfurt

Goethe Apartment

Werftstraße 15, 60327 Frankfurt

Hotel Mini Everest

Schönstraße 6 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Skyline Hotel

Hohenstaufenstrasse 1-3, 60327 Frankfurt

Hotel Albergo Berlin

Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee 2, Berlin-Schonefeld

Welcome to City Business Hotels

About Us

City-Business Hotels is a group of companies specializing in hospitality and management services. Located in the financial hub of European cities rich in commerce, culture and tourism. We are currently located in the largest financial center in Europe, Frankfurt, and soon are coming to Berlin, the next jewel in the crown, and cosmopolitan European cities near you within the next year.

City Business Hotels Exclusive Conference

We are strategically located in all the ideal city centers to provide you with the best in comfort, service and accessibility. Therefore, choose us for your next business meeting and exclusive conference to experience the best in a high tech core of Europe with a dash of historical excellence.

City-Business Hotels are centrally located near the Frankfurt Exhibition ground, river Main which is a real treat to the eye, at a walking distance from Frankfurt Central Station or near a shopping district. You can choose the one that best meets your needs, as we meet needs for all.

An ideal oasis for travelers who are globally aware and ready to take over and venture out, or explore the legendary hidden gems of the iconic cities. Make us your base and embark for success. Stay with us on your next business adventure, an individual endeavor and to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and relax.

Gothe Hotel, Tagungshotel Höchster Hof have a range of conference rooms from 2 to 5 to cater to your business needs.

City Business Hotels Range of Conference
City Business Hotels Hospitality of Germany

We provide legendary around the clock service in these centrally located and easily accessible hotels with free high speed internet to keep you updated and in touch with the world.

With comfortable hotels with rooms from a cozy size of 23 to a bigger one that has up to 145 rooms, we offer a range of sizes and comforts.

Stay with us to experience the comfort and hospitality of Germany.

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