• Goethe Business Hotel
  • Goethe Hotel Frankfurt
  • Hotel Höchster Hof
  • Hotel Everest
  • Goethe Apartment Frankfurt
  • Hotel Mini Everest
  • Skyline Hotel
  • Hotel Albergo Berlin

Goethe Business Hotel

Schmidtstr. 53, 60326 Frankfurt

Goethe Hotel Frankfurt

Schmidtstr. 53, 60326 Frankfurt

Hotel Höchster Hof

Tagungshotel Höchster Hof Mainberg 3-11 65929

Hotel Everest

Schönstraße 6 60327 Frankfurt

Goethe Apartment

Werftstraße 15, 60327 Frankfurt

Hotel Mini Everest

Schönstraße 6 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Skyline Hotel

Hohenstaufenstrasse 1-3, 60327 Frankfurt

Hotel Albergo Berlin

Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee 2, Berlin-Schonefeld

Hotel Management Services

Hotel Management Services

City-Business Hotels offer a full range of services for hotel management to support and better any existing or up and coming hotels and resorts to reach its full potential.

We will do our best to help your property achieve its best. With the experts in the field who have the knowledge of running successful hotels all over the world, City-Business Hotel has the experience to bring other businesses to its optimum.

We can take care of and support the day to day running to provide the best possible service to the guests at the most cost effective manner. We can help with the sales, marketing, promotion as well as with housekeeping, and food and beverages.

All the procedures and practices will be transparent and practical. We inspire to become better every day. We have a strong network and will provide you the best hospitality practices at international standards. We believe in success and we work hard. We are here to take you a step closer towards excellence.

sales, marketing and promotion
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